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(the attention just encourages her)

princess carwash
24 October
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my name is ria.
i like to suck my thumb.
i live for filthy bass and sleazy guitars.
i also knit.
alan, art, being civilised, bloody marys, bruised thighs, bubblewrap dresses, cheesy trance, comedown cups of tea, confused music taste, crooowmarsh, dancing til dawn, dodgy raver dancing, falling over, fit art students, flying saucers, foamtastic, free parties, fromage frais, giggle fits, got any sovereign?, having a shoe fetish, i wanna whippy!, jumping on beds, knitting, kryolan, margaret?!, miffy, missisisions, morrissey!, my pixie hat, neon pink, nice shoes, no meat please, no particular style, not going to wallingford, outdoor sex, phot-og-ra-phee, pob, popping candy, pretentiousness, pretty dresses, ptsd, public knitting, quoting withnail and i, ra-ra skirts, red wine, sewing, small boobs-huge arse, spraypaint, stella artois, stolichnaya, sucking my thumb, tea parties, the inbredness of livejournal, tuna pasta bake, vivienne westwood, waking up drunk, yeah but no but